I’ve been experimenting with the high raw/carb, low fat vegan lifestyle for a while now and it’s working for me so far. I’m still learning, of course, therefore this is a website about my personal HCLFV journey. I’ve looked for someone to volunteer to try it and let me document what happens but no one was up for the challenge. I then realized I could write about my experience, and mind you I am not a health practitioner nor do I have a degree in Nutrition. I am just sharing my high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle experience and knowledge and documenting my journey. So here I talk about how I started being vegan, how I transitioned into the HCLFV lifestyle, what my life is like now, what effects the HCLFV lifestyle has on me, what type of diet and exercise routine I follow, information and news about this lifestyle, recipes and tips. In short, I started this website to celebrate the HCLFV lifestyle and help people.

Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.